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Distance from Bus station : 12 Kms
Distance from Railway station : 12Kms
Distance from nearest Airport (Renigunta) : 31Kms

Distance from major cities :
from Chennai 150 Km
from Bangalore 260 Km
from Hyderabad 560 Km

Best season to visit: June to March

Map showing the location of the zoo in Tirupati

General information :

Zoo timings: Summer 8.00 AM to 6.00 PM
Winter 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM
Zoo remains closed for visitors on every Monday of the week.
Zoo remains open on Mondays too if it is a general holiday or a festive day.

Entry fee particulars: Adult : Rupees 20/- per head(Indian currency)
Children(aged between 5 and 12): Rupees 10/-
Groups of school children : free entry.

Accommodation: Because of its importance as a major pilgrimage center, Tirupati has extensive accommodation facilities to suit all budgets and tastes .ITDC, AP tourism and many private agencies provide good boarding and lodging facilities. The Youth Hostel Association of India also maintains a youth hostel in Tirupati .

Wildlife films: The Zoo has a good collection of wildlife and nature related films. They are exhibited free of cost at the visitors center.

Nature trails: Since the zoo forms a part of the reserved forest and is a treasure-trove of free ranging fauna. It is proposed to develop nature trails in the area around the zoo . When fully developed interested persons, school children and students from various educational institutions can enjoy trekking and camping , thus experiencing nature first hand !




Bhagela vanam - The Leopard enclosure

The area where the Leopard enclosure is located is called the 'Bhagela vanam' . In 'Jungle book' the much adored book by one and all, Rudyard Kipling depicts leopard as a character that teaches 'Mowgli' the art of hunting. The agility and the deception that these animals possess must have inspired the author to select this animal for the character.

LEOPARD : Scientific name : Panthera pardus .
Common names : Hindi : sona chita ; Marathi : karda : Telugu : chirutha puli ; Tamil : chiruthai ;
Characters : A sleek short - haired animal with a bright coat marked with small close - set black rosettes .
Habitat : Extends over the whole of Indian peninsula , Burma , Srilanka , Pakistan and Nepal .

Habits : They can tolerate the sun better and hence hunt even by the day if they fail to get food in the nights . They will kill and eat anything that can be overpowered with safety . They display many of the habits of tigers . They seize their prey from the ground or leap on them from a height .
They breed all year round . The female produces its first litter when two and half to four years of age . Normally two cubs are born and occasionally three or four .
Size : Male : 215 cm in length and weigh a maximum of 68 kg . Female : 180 cm in length and weigh a maximum of 50 kg .


Vruka vanam - The wolf enclosure

The wolf enclosure in the zoo is called the Vruka vanam . 'Vruka' is the sanskrit name for the wolf.

The wolf has often been depicted in the 'Panchatantra' as being a cunning and cruel animal . An interesting thing to be mentioned here is that Rudyard Kipling , the author of ' The Jungle Book' has painted the wolf as a noble animal . The hero of the book 'Mowgli' is found , adopted and brought up by a family of wolves. Infact , the wolf is the ancestor of our domesticated dogs which are known for their faithfulness towards their master .


Scientific name : Canis lupus linnaeus .
Common names : Hindi : bheriya ; Tamil : onai ; Telugu : thodelu ;
Characters: Its size , large skull and teeth distinguish the wolf from the rest of the family .Color variable . In general , animals from the plains of India have sandy fawn coats stippled with black . The fawn may bleach to grey and the black become less evident in the summers.
Habitat : Europe , North America , northern , central and southwestern Asia . Apart from Tibet , Ladakh , and parts of Kashmir they are found in the plains of peninsular India .

Habits : The wolves in the northern parts of India keep migrating with the other animals on the move for the sake of food . They live in caves in winter and in thickets of reeds and scrub with refuge in summers . Wolves in the deserts burrow in the sand to avoid the intense heat and hunt in the nights . Rodents , smaller animals , wild sheep and gazelle are their main prey . Breeding season is at the end of the rains and majority of the cubs are born in December . Three to nine whelps are born in a litter . Life span is 12-15 years.
Size : Male : Height 65 - 75 cm and weigh about 18 - 27 kg.


Karataka vanam - Jackal enclosure

The fox enclosure in the zoo has been named 'Karataka vanam'.
Karataka and Damanaka are two foxes which play an important part in the Panchatantra stories. They are the advisors of the Lion - the king of the forest.

Vishnusharma who wrote the Panchatantra uses these foxes to bring out the moral aspects of life .


Scientific name : Canis aureus linnaeus .

Common names : Hindi : gidhar ; Tamil : nuree ; Telugu : nakka.
Characters : The jackal's long- drawn , eerie howling at dusk or just before dawn is more familiar . It's nearest wild relative is the wolf but the jackal is smaller in build and meaner in aspect . It lacks the arching brows and elevated forehead which gives the wolf its nobler profile . Coat , variable with season and locality , typically a mixture of black and white washed with buff about the shoulders , ears and legs

Habitat : southeastern Europe , southwestern Asia , throughout India and Sri Lanka .
Habits :
They live in almost any environment . Many of them live in the low lands close to towns , villages and cultivated lands . Jackals are usually night hunters . They live in holes , ruins , or in dense grass and scrub . Sometimes they form packs but usually go alone , or two or more may hunt together . They are good at clearing the carcasses . Cubs are born at any time in the year . The duration of life is around 12 years .
Size : 38 - 43 cm. Height , 60 - 75 cm length , 8 - 11 kg in weight .


Shunakavanam - Wild dog enclosure

The wild-dog enclosure in the zoo has been called the 'Shunaka vanam' . 'Shunaka' is the Sanskrit term for the dog. Wild dogs often shown as cruel hunters in many stories . They are a symbol of loyalty and family bonding. Though they may have scuffles and fights among themselves, when it comes to hunting or while facing an external threat , they always unite to form a formidable group .

In the Jungle book , Kipling has depicted the pack of wild dogs as one of the main villains. They often range through the forest and kill many a helpless creature .


Scientific name : Cuon alpinus .
Common names : Hindi : dhole ; Telugu : resu kukka ; Tamil : chen nai ;
Size : 43-55 cm height (at the shoulder) , length 90 cm ., weight 20 kg .

Characters : Much like a domestic dog in general appearance , with the long , lank body of the wolf but relatively shorter in leg and muzzle , the ears are more rounded at the tip and the tail quite bushy . Essentially it differs from wolves , domestic dogs or jackals in having six molar teeth in the lower jaw , whereas the others have seven . The distinctive red coat varies with season and locality .

Habitat : Central and eastern Asia and throughout the forest regions of India .

Habits : Dholes or wild dogs are social animals like wolves . They hunt in packs by the day and rarely by the nights . Their prey is trailed by scent and pursued at sight , with no violent outburst of speed but in a steady tireless canter finally outrunning the quarry . Their breeding season in the peninsula is between November and December , the majority of cubs usually four to six are born in January and February . wild dogs inhabit the caves .

Damanakavanam - Fox enclosure

The fox enclosure is called the 'Damanaka vanam'. As described earlier , Karataka and Damanaka are two characters depicted in the Panchatantra. They are the advisors of the king of the forest the Lion and they explain the various principles of life , politics and other moral stories to the Lion king.


Scientific name : Vulpes bengalensis .
Common names : Hindi : lomri ; Tamil : kulla nuree ; Telugu : konka nakka ;
Size : 45-60 cm length , and weight 1.8-3.2 kg .

Characters : This species is common in Indian plains , a pretty , slender-limbed animal , smaller and slimmer in build than the red fox . Distinctive in the black tip to its tail , the backs of its ears are generally of the same tone as the head and nape , never jet-black and strongly contrasted as in red fox .

Habitat : The whole of India from the foothills of the Himalayas to kanyakumari .

Habits : The Indian fox digs a borrow by itself in open ground or in scrub and lives in it . The borrow has several openings some blind , others leading to a central chamber 60 to 90 cm below the ground . It sleeps by the day , and seeks food at the dusk . The fox eats small mammals , reptiles and insects rather than birds . They work as pest controllers by gobbling up termites and other insects . Their main breeding season is the cold weather . The cubs are raised in the burrow which are usually four in number .

Dandaka aranya - The Hyena enclosure

' Dandaka aranya' is a forest mentioned in the Ramayana. Lord Rama , Seeta and Lakshmana construct a dwelling in the Chitrakoota forest and decide to spend the fourteen years of vanavas there itself , but due to its proximity to the Kingdom of Ayodhya they are often visited by friends and well wishers , who try to persuade them to return to Ayodhya. After discussing with the learned sages Lord Rama decides to move to an area called 'Dandaka aranya' which lies in the deepest part of the forest. This is the place from where Seeta is abducted by Ravana and Rama begins his quest to get her back.

The Hyena enclosure in the zoo has been named as the Dandaka aranya.


Scientific name : Hyaena hyaena
Common names : Hindi : hundar ; Tamil : kalada korate ; Telugu : Dommala gundu .
Characters : Dog like build massive head and fore-body , weak hindquarters , heavy dorsal crest of long hairs , sharply defined from the rest of the coat distinguish the hyena .
Size : 150 cm length , 90 cm height , 38.5 kg weight , female weighs around 10 kg less .Transverse stripes on the body and limbs are usually well defined .

Habitat : India , southwestern Asia , northern Africa .
Habits : Abundantly found in open country it is rarely seen in the forest . Holes and caves offer shelter to these animals . Their quest for food starts in the night . The coarser remains of other animals' kills are usually preferred because of its powerful jaws and teeth . Though scavengers by profession , performing useful services as such , hyenas do not feed only on carrion , occasionally sheep and goats and stray dogs are carried off . Some individuals get habituated to cattle killing and lifting of the hapless children of the forest fringe villages . The weird laughing chatter of the hyena is very distinctive

Jambavantha vanam - the bear enclosure

Jambavantha is a minister in the court of the monkey king Sugreeva . He is depicted as a bear . He lives with Sugreeva on the Rishyamukha mountain when he is banished by Vali . Jambavantha plays an important role in the Ramayana by advising Sugreeva to become friends with Rama as it would be beneficial to both of them. When Hanuman is required to fetch the Sanjeevini herb , Jambavantha inspires Hanuman and reminds him of his powers and boosts his confidence.

Jambavantha is also mentioned in the Mahabharatha where he engages in a battle with Lord Krishna who is interested in a divine gemstone called 'Samantaka mani' . Ultimately Lord Krishna defeats Jambavantha and reveals his true self as an incarnation of Vishnu. Jambavantha happily relinquishes the divine gemstone and also gives his daughter Jambavanti as a bride to Sri Krishna.


Scientific name : Melursus ursinus
Common names : Hindi bhalu ; Tamil karadee ; Telugu elugubanti ;
Characters : The muzzle and lower lip are elongated and the long hair is unkempt . The hind legs are short and most bears have a whitish v shaped breast patch . The claws , always longer on the forefeet are ivory white . The coat may have a brownish tinge , more rarely it is wholly brown .
Size : 65-85 cm height (at shoulder) , 140-170 cm length , 127-145 kg weight .
Habitat : Forested tracts of India and Assam from the base of the Himalayas to Srilanka .

Habits : Sloth bears live where there is sufficient forest to provide food , and favour places where outcropping of rock and tumbled boulders offer them shelter during the hot weather and the rains. They come out shortly before sunset , hunt for food all night , and retire in the morning . Their food consists mainly fruits and insects ,but a hungry Sloth Bear may be driven to eat carrion . Honey is the most sought after .

Mating is usually in the hot weather and most of the young are born seven months later between December and January . The cubs , when sufficiently strong to grip , are carried on the mother's back to and from her feeding grounds . She grows savage and quick to attack in their defense . The cubs live with their mother for 2 to 3 years . Sloth bears has lived in captivity for about 40 years .

Amaravathi Nagar

R.S. Mada Street, Tirupati
Maruti Nagar, Tirupati




















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